Software Startup Consultation

Offered by Carter Bryden

How I can help

As a software engineer and web developer with over 10 years of experience - as well as the creator of this site, Forte.Chat -  I can advise and help you with your new or existing projects. I've helped build dozens of applications and been a project lead on several startups for various clients over my career. 

Whether you're looking to technically validate an app idea, learn what to do next, or you have any other software startup questions, I can walk you through it. I'll help you find the best solutions and give you practical advice that you can put into action immediately.

What package should I book?

Typically you should book the introductory package with me first. I'll get to know you and your project, and most importantly your goals. Once we've covered that, I can begin to suggest other packages that will benefit you most, if necessary. In many cases, I can provide advice on what you should do next by the end of the introductory package.

Feature Planning
$100.00 for up to 60 minutes

We'll go over a potential feature you're considering and the different approaches you could take. I'll help you assess risks, costs, and give you insight into what secondary effects the feature may have on your application and business.

Introductory Package
$100.00 for up to 60 minutes
We'll go over your business/project and your goals, and come up with a potential plan of action.
Offered by Carter Bryden

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